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Sports vision care for Seton Hall Athletics

For all you student athletes out there, we at Maplewood Vision Care are your Seton Hall optical store. Any sports related vision products that you need, we can help you with. Of course, the demands of both your academic requirements and your athletic ones is best served by optimal eyesight. A comprehensive eye exam is recommended every year to ensure that your vision is letting you compete at the highest level you’re capable of. If you need a prescription, either a new one or an update to one that you already have, you can count on us. Furthermore, when it comes to sports eyewear for safety, we’re on top of that, also.

Hitting a pitched ball, shooting that jump shot, spiking that volleyball, diving, and any other sports that you participate in all require good eyesight. Our Seton Hall optical store is your partner in making certain that your eyewear is meeting your current vision needs, is comfortable, and is a precise fit. After all, a pair of glasses that are too tight can distract you and if they’re too loose, they can fall off your face at an inopportune time. We do more than determine your prescription, fill it, and put it into a pair of great-looking and functional frames. We also do fittings so that you have the complete confidence in them that you want and deserve.

We offer options such as polycarbonate lenses at our Seton Hall optical store. They are durable and resistant to scratches. In addition, they are far less likely to be damaged from impact. It goes without saying, however, that some sports will require special goggles to provide you the utmost in safety. Protecting your eyes is just as high a priority as correcting your vision. And you can rest assured that we’re experts in sports vision care and eyewear. Our guidance, advice, and recommendations are included in the cost of your eye exam and sports eyewear. It may not be possible to avoid 100% of injuries that can occur when you participate in college athletics, but we can help to put the odds of it happening to your eyes squarely in your favor.

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