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Maplewood Retinal Eye Exams Can you recall the last time you visited your local eye doctor? Believe it or not, your eyes may need more care than you think. In the past, it was believed that vision problems would plateau or cease to grow worse once a patient reached a certain age. However, this is no longer true, due in part to the modern technology many of us use every day of our lives. Adults of all ages need regular optical care. In fact, you could be living with a vision problem or a destructive optical disease without ever being aware of it. Fortunately, you can always find the care

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Maplewood Eyeglasses There are obviously more important qualities of your eyeglasses than how good they look on you, but at Maplewood Vision Care, we think you can have it all. When you need a new pair of eyeglasses, either because you’re getting a first time prescription or you just think it’s the right time for something different, you can count on our optician to help you select something that will not only give you sharper and clearer vision but will also meet your expectations when it comes to style. If you need an eye exam- and if it’s been more than a year since your last one, then you do- just

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Sports Vision Care in Maplewood

Maplewood Athletic Eyewear Are you tired of your vision problems holding you back? Eyeglasses are one of the simplest methods of optical correction, but in some cases your ophthalmic frames can hold you back in life. Athletes need vision wear that works to provide visual clarity as well as optical correction in order to keep your eyes safe as well as seeing clearly. Fortunately, eyewear for sports are more advanced and effective today than ever before. Your first step to achieving the clear vision you need to succeed begins with sports vision care in Maplewood from the state of the art practice of the Maplewood Vision Care. Clear vision is

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Maplewood Eye Exams

Family Eye Care in Maplewood Taking care of your eyes is vital. Many people may not realize just how important eye exams are when it comes to taking care of your overall medical health. They may remember to schedule that annual physical or that annual dentist checkup, but many people do not know the benefits of an annual eye exam. Eye exams are important for every type of patient and can help seriously prevent some big issues, such as eye cancer, diseases, or other conditions. Here at Maplewood Vision Care, our eye care team can provide you and your family with the comprehensive eye care that you need to stay

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Maplewood Contact lenses

Contact lenses and Prescription Contacts Contact lenses today are available in a wide variety of choices to not only address every kind of vision correction, but also to suit every taste, lifestyle, and comfort level. They can be tailored to you as an individual and at Maplewood Vision Care, we’re pleased to be your source for prescription contacts, from your eye exam all the way to your fitting and beyond. Our Maplewood contact lenses give you a more natural vision than eyeglasses do and they don’t impeded your peripheral (side to side) vision either. So, regardless if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or some combination that requires a bifocal

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South Orange Optical Store

Opticians South Orange To many of our clients at Maplewood Vision Care, prescription sunglasses are just as important as regular eyeglasses, in addition to being an everyday accessory. When you find out that your eyeglass prescription has changed, or you simply want a new, trendier pair of sunglasses, our South Orange optical store is well-stocked for you. Whether used for driving, shopping, or a walk along the beach, we know you want your sunglasses to look casual, dressy, and professional as needed. Durability is a much needed consideration since sunglasses go through a lot of wear and tear from your day to day activities. There are a variety of lenses

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South Orange Optometrist

Diabetic Eye Care South Orange Maplewood Vision Care is your go-to South Orange optometrist. We are a full service vision care practice, dedicated to the health and care of our patients and we take pride in offering only the best service to our patients. Our family oriented eye care practice is a state-of-the-art facility offering our patients of all ages personal attention, and expert care. Whether you need a new pair of prescription sunglasses or a diabetic eye exam, our staff of expert professionals will make sure that you and your family get the eye care you need. Many of our patients come to us with pre-existing conditions such as

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Maplewood Optometrist

Vision Exams Maplewood Related to the distance that one can see when they look at objects, nearsightedness (myopia) is one of the most common visual ailments. A thorough eye exam with our local Maplewood optometrist, at Maplewood Vision Care, can help diagnose the level of nearsightedness and treat it properly. Dr. Dennis J. Delesio believes in a lifetime of learning and brings cutting-edge technology and information back to our valued patients. Myopia means you can see better up close than you can far away. Myopia is caused by your eye being longer than average, so light that is focused in your eye lands in front of your retina instead of

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Eyeglass Store Maplewood

07040 Optician At Maplewood Vision Care, we’re concerned with every aspect of your eye health and vision and that includes ensuring that your eyeglasses fit properly. Frames that do not fit well may not provide optimal vision correction for you. In addition, if your eyeglasses pinch your nose or dig into your ears, wearing them becomes a chore and it may lead you to look for excuses to not wear them when you really need them the most. As part of the full service we offer, our Maplewood eyeglass store does eyeglass fittings so that your experience wearing glasses is nothing but positive. If you are considering new or first

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Maplewood Eye Doctor

07040 Eye Exams At Maplewood Vision Care, we offer the latest in digital imaging for immediate viewing of video documentation and photo documentation of your eye and the surrounding structures. These videos and images can be seen by both our patients and our Maplewood eye doctor, Dr. Dennis Delesio. This computerized biomicroscope technology greatly helps us by establishing a baseline of your eyes, as well as showing any abnormal conditions or diseases of the eyes. The video documentation provided to us through this latest digital slit lamp test, is particularly helpful to us in contact lens applications. Our Maplewood eye doctor is able to compare these images with future images

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