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Sports glasses in Maplewood At Maplewood Vision Care, we provide great eye care for every member of your family. Our optometric physician, Dr. Dennis Delesio, has extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, as well as the field of geriatric vision. He also specializes in the field of contact lenses. Dr. Delesio has been providing expert eye care for over 30 years, and enjoys taking time to meet everyone’s optometric needs and answering all his patient’s eye care questions. If you know it is time to have a comprehensive eye exam, why not make an appointment today to see Dr. Delesio. Our practice also features a wonderful

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Optometrist Maplewood Athletic performance is dependent upon many factors and all too often, vision is ignored once good visual sharpness or protective eyewear is obtained. Sports vision care with our Maplewood optometrist, Dr. Dennis Delesio, makes use of basic and developmental vision therapy. This therapy improves speed and accuracy of visual judgments, helps our sports-minded patients to better understand their movement capacity, and direct their movement appropriately. Enhancements in these areas provide our patients with the best chance to make the most of their talent and achieve a higher level of success in their sport. Basically, sports vision is a specialty field at Maplewood Vision Care that examines how athletes

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