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Vision Exams Maplewood Related to the distance that one can see when they look at objects, nearsightedness (myopia) is one of the most common visual ailments. A thorough eye exam with our local Maplewood optometrist, at Maplewood Vision Care, can help diagnose the level of nearsightedness and treat it properly. Dr. Dennis J. Delesio believes in a lifetime of learning and brings cutting-edge technology and information back to our valued patients. Myopia means you can see better up close than you can far away. Myopia is caused by your eye being longer than average, so light that is focused in your eye lands in front of your retina instead of

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Maplewood Eye Doctor

Maplewood Eye Doctor Have you been neglecting your eye exams on the belief that your eyes are healthy enough without ever needing them? Many of us are deceived by the notion that our eyes are healthy all on their own accord, when in fact your eyes need regular care, regardless of whether or not you have been currently diagnosed with an optical condition or not. Optical conditions can occur within your eyes without many of us ever realizing it, even as you grow older, and in fact many issues can occur simply as you age. For optical health care that can truly care for your eyes and insure your vision

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