Hillside emergency eye doctor

Hillside Emergency Eye Doctor

Eye Infections in Hillside Eye infections are easily treatable here at Maplewood Vision Care, but it’s crucial that you don’t ignore the signs of one because without prompt attention, you could be putting the health of your eyes at risk. Infections are urgent matters. In order to make sure that you get in to see our Hillside emergency eye doctor in a timely manner, we want you to know what the symptoms of an eye infection are. The two most common types affect your conjunctiva and your corneas respectively. They are conjunctivitis (popularly called pink eye), and keratitis. Do you have blurry vision, unusual sensitivity to light, redness, burning, or

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07040 emergency eye doctor

07040 Emergency Eye Doctor

Eye Infections in 07040 If you ever think you may have an eye infection, you should make an immediate appointment to come in and see us at Maplewood Vision Care. Our 07040 emergency eye doctor, Dr. Dennis J. Delesio, can provide you with treatment for eye infections such as conjunctivitis and keratitis. If you wear contact lenses, you are more likely to get an eye infection. It is extremely important that you always handle your contact lenses when your hands are clean, and that you disinfect your contact lenses as directed. If you touch your eyes with hands that are not freshly washed, or your contact lenses are not properly

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