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At Maplewood Vision Care, we’re concerned with every aspect of your eye health and vision and that includes ensuring that your eyeglasses fit properly. Frames that do not fit well may not provide optimal vision correction for you. In addition, if your eyeglasses pinch your nose or dig into your ears, wearing them becomes a chore and it may lead you to look for excuses to not wear them when you really need them the most. As part of the full service we offer, our Maplewood eyeglass store does eyeglass fittings so that your experience wearing glasses is nothing but positive.

Prescription Eyeglasses in Maplewood

Prescription Eyeglasses in Maplewood

If you are considering new or first time eyeglasses, we can help. An eye exam is the first step to determining your current vision needs (unless you have been examined within the last year). The next step is to work with one of our frames experts to select a pair of frames that suit your taste and budget. Fortunately, we carry an extensive line of designer frames from which you can pick. Choose among DKNY, Joseph Abboud, Vogue, Brooks Brothers, Versace, Ray Ban, and more. Certainly, how your frames look on you will be a huge factor in making your decision. But an eyeglass fitting is equally important. Our Maplewood eyeglass store will help you to determine how the frames you like feel when you put them on. Too loose? Too tight? Both are a problem. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. When your glasses are loose, they slip off your face and make it harder or you to see as well as you should. Too tight and they may spend more time in a carrying case than they do improving your vision.

If your current eyeglasses don’t fit right, but you like them, we may be able to make an adjustment for you, so bring them in. If not, we can definitely help you to find a new pair that will be perfect for you. Our Maplewood eyeglass store is the one and only place you need for eye exams, filling eyeglass prescriptions, and for eyeglass fittings.

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