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Related to the distance that one can see when they look at objects, nearsightedness (myopia) is one of the most common visual ailments. A thorough eye exam with our local Maplewood optometrist, at Maplewood Vision Care, can help diagnose the level of nearsightedness and treat it properly. Dr. Dennis J. Delesio believes in a lifetime of learning and brings cutting-edge technology and information back to our valued patients.

Maplewood New Jersey Optometrist
Maplewood New Jersey Optometrist

Myopia means you can see better up close than you can far away. Myopia is caused by your eye being longer than average, so light that is focused in your eye lands in front of your retina instead of on your retina. Our patients with severe myopia can clearly see objects just a few inches away while those with mild cases can clearly see objects several yards away. Tending to run in families, myopia can develop gradually or rapidly, and frequently gets worse during childhood and teenage years. Some treatments suggested by our Maplewood optometrist would be nearsighted glasses, contact lenses, or laser refractive surgery. All these options focus on moving the image from in front of your retina to on your retina itself.

Going through life with a minor vision problem and not realizing it, is all too common, but why not see life as bright and clear as you can? A comprehensive eye exam with our Maplewood optometrist can diagnose the level of any vision disorder and treat it properly. Regular eye exams are very important and we want our patients to understand that early diagnosis with any ailment is always better than waiting until a condition gets worse. We pride ourselves on sharing the latest technology and optical research with you, and combine that with the dedication we have to enhancing and preserving your clearest and healthiest eyesight. Detecting any vision problems and deciding on the best treatment option is an ideal way to start. We know how important healthy eyes and clear vision are to your entire family and with routine eye exams and successful treatments, nearsightedness can be detected and taken care of. We pride ourselves at finding out each patient’s special needs and helping you achieve their goals.

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