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Are you tired of your out of date eyeglasses frames? So often many of us simply reach for the same old pair of frames every time we select our next pair of eyeglasses, choosing to play it safe and buy the same style time after time with barely there frames that are either the most invisible or simply the cheapest thing we can find. However, in doing so not only do you miss out on truly revamping your style in a whole new way, but you miss out on the quality and personality of designer frames. Make the choice to change it up this year with designer glasses at great prices from your local Maplewood optical store at the Maplewood Vision Care.

Optical Goods 07040

Optical Goods 07040

Are you tired of worrying about your eyeglasses when you’re playing all weekend? If your idea of the perfect day off involves spending as much of it outside as you possibly can, standard eyeglasses can often fail to keep up with you. If you are constantly worried about your eyeglasses getting damaged when you need them most, you can find the perfect pair of frames that will play just as hard as you do from your favorite designer names. RayBan, a name long known for classic and cunning style that lasts and lasts now offers numerous styles in a brand new material called Memory Metal. This state of the art new method of crafting frames allows for light weight ophthalmic eyeglasses that resist crushing and snapping by simply flexing the motion and moving right back into their original form. Your trusted Maplewood optical store offers a wide selection of RayBan frames at great prices.

If you are looking to make a change to your wardrobe this year, why not start with the one accessory you wear each and every day? From the classic American styles of Guess eyewear, to the wild looks of Ed Hardy, and the latest runway looks from Menizzi Itally, designer eyeglasses truly have a frame for every personality and individual style sense. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching pair of frames that will look wonderful with all of your favorite outfits for a night on the town, or on the hunt for a sharp new pair for the office this year, you can find the perfect look at great prices at your professional Maplewood optical store.

At the Maplewood Vision Care we pride ourselves on offering amazing eyewear at great prices to our local clientele. That’s why we offer you great discounts with no gimmicks, such as $25 off any service we offer at your neighborhood Maplewood optical store just by mentioning our website. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses that will truly improve your way of life.

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