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Family Eye Care in Maplewood

Taking care of your eyes is vital. Many people may not realize just how important eye exams are when it comes to taking care of your overall medical health. They may remember to schedule that annual physical or that annual dentist checkup, but many people do not know the benefits of an annual eye exam. Eye exams are important for every type of patient and can help seriously prevent some big issues, such as eye cancer, diseases, or other conditions. Here at Maplewood Vision Care, our eye care team can provide you and your family with the comprehensive eye care that you need to stay as healthy as possible.

Eye Care Maplewood
Eye Care Maplewood

We all know that annual checkups are just that, checkups. These scheduled appointments are made to make sure that we are in healthy working order. But these appointments are necessary for when it comes to detecting any problems before they are noticed. Oftentimes people visit their doctor when they are feeling sick or notice any sudden or strange symptoms or signs of discomfort. While it is absolutely important to investigate such symptoms, annual checkups and exams can help prevent some of these emergency visits from happening at all. When it comes to eye diseases, many of them yield little to no symptoms in their earlier stages. It is in these earlier stages that treatment is preferable since damage has not yet occurred. Unfortunately, many eye conditions only yield symptoms once damage has already happened, typically to your vision. To prevent this from happening, you can schedule yearly eye exams with us here at Maplewood Vision Care. Eye exams here with our eye doctors in Maplewood can help detect eye disease, cancer or even other medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. For patients with a family medical history of eye disease or patients who already have diabetes or high cholesterol should make it a priority to visit their eye doctor as regularly as possible.

Eye conditions and diseases can occur to anyone. Similarly, eye infections, allergic reactions and even injuries are common and should be examined thoroughly by an eye care professional as soon as possible. To ensure the eye health of you and everyone in your family, be sure to schedule regular eye exams with us here at Maplewood Vision Care.

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