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At Maplewood Vision Care, we offer the latest in digital imaging for immediate viewing of video documentation and photo documentation of your eye and the surrounding structures. These videos and images can be seen by both our patients and our Maplewood eye doctor, Dr. Dennis Delesio. This computerized biomicroscope technology greatly helps us by establishing a baseline of your eyes, as well as showing any abnormal conditions or diseases of the eyes. The video documentation provided to us through this latest digital slit lamp test, is particularly helpful to us in contact lens applications. Our Maplewood eye doctor is able to compare these images with future images and videos, making it possible for us to carefully monitor normal or abnormal ocular changes.

07040 Optometrist

07040 Optometrist

To help our Maplewood eye doctor measure your peripheral vision in a very simple yet accurate way, we use the Humphrey visual field analyzer. This testing allows for the monitoring, or diagnosis, of many ocular or neurological disorders, including glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and strokes. Peripheral vision is also one of the most important elements when it comes to safe driving. The Humphrey visual field analyzer is one of the more widely used visual field instruments and is regarded as a gold standard for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma cases.

Greatly helping our Maplewood eye doctor to improve on the level of care provided to our patients during their eye exam process, retinal fundus cameras provide high-quality photo documentation as well. From this documentation, the progression of retinal diseases and changes in your vision can be closely monitored, assisting in treating your needs. At Maplewood Vision Care, you can be assured that our inventory of fundus cameras are kept correctly calibrated and certified by our internal service team, meeting all the proper specifications from the manufacturer. Our optical team is proud to offer cutting-edge ophthalmic equipment solutions and we will work with you to determine the appropriate, and best, equipment to detect and monitor your optical conditions. Your complete and continued eye health is our goal and will continue to stay educated on all advancements in optical technology.

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