Hillside NJ Eyeglasses

How eyeglasses work to correct your vision in Hillside NJ

Hillside NJ eyeglasses

Hillside NJ eyeglasses

Here at Maplewood Vision Care, it is our goal to make sure that your vision is the sharpest and clearest that you are capable of having. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia all result in challenges in seeing at various or even all distances as well as enjoying regular everyday activities including reading, watching TV, and using a computer. Our Hillside NJ eyeglasses are an excellent way to correct your vision, and we want you to know exactly how they accomplish that.

To understand the vital role that glasses play in improving your vision, it is helpful to detail the way that your eyes work in processing light and turn it into images. You cornea, located at the front of your eye, receives light and directs it to your retina, located at the rear of your eye. It is the retina that creates the images that you see. To do so, light is supposed to reach the center of the retina, or very close to it. This depends on your cornea being shaped properly. But when it is misshapen, the path that light takes to your retina goes off course, leading it more to the front or back instead of center. This is the cause of all refractive issues and vision challenges that are addressed by our Hillside NJ eyeglasses, which redirect the light so that it makes its way to or near the center of your retina. Some eyeglasses are thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges; others are vice-versa, thicker at the edges, and thinner in the middle. The ways that our Hillside NJ eyeglasses adjust the path of light’s journey to the retina is determined by the exact prescription determined by our eye doctor.

Don’t settle for subpar or even “okay” vision. You can have the best vision possible. Contact us and schedule an appointment to get your eyes examined and take advantages of Hillside NJ eyeglasses that are specifically designed for you.

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