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Hillside NJ Eye Specialist

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Cataracts in Hillside NJ

Hillside NJ eye specialist
Hillside NJ eye specialist

If your vision has become blurred, and you are having trouble seeing clearly at night, you may be suffering with cataracts. At Maplewood Vision Care, our Hillside NJ eye specialist, Dr. Dennis J. Delesio, can determine whether or not you are experiencing vision problems relating to cataracts.

When a patient has cataracts, it means that the lens of the eye has become thickened causing vision to blur. This condition can exist in only one eye, but often occurs in both eyes. When a person has problems with cataracts, the condition usually develops slowly. In the beginning, our eye doctor can provide you with different eyeglass lens prescription changes and your vision will appear improved. Our eye doctor can also talk to you about how to improve lighting conditions in your home so that you will be able to see more clearly there, as well. However, eventually, most cataracts will progress to the point where they will cause blindness if not treated. Unfortunately, no one is able to predict how far a cataract will progress, or how quickly this will occur. Effective cataract treatment is laser cataract surgery. During this safe and effective surgery, the damaged lens is removed through a tiny incision in the eye, and replaced with a new intraocular lens. Our Hillside NJ eye specialist can let you know when it is time that you have this vision surgery, and refer you to an ophthalmologist who specializes in this procedure. Patients remain perfectly comfortable during cataract surgery, and recovery from the surgery is usually quite comfortable, as well. It is very common for patients over 60 to develop cataracts, due to the natural aging process. However, cataracts can develop in a person of any age; in fact, some infants are born with cataracts, which do need to be treated.

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