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Eyeglass Lens Coatings in Hillside

In addition to the other valuable services and products we offer here at Maplewood Vision Care are special eyeglass lens coatings, among which are anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, ultraviolet tinted, and mirror. They enhance your experience, and give you benefits that you would not otherwise experience. And we’re also excited to announce a current special: get free tint and UV coating, worth $30.00) with the purchase of prescription sunglasses. All you need do is mention the special to take advantage of it.

Combat the effects of glare with anti-reflective coating on our Hillside eyeglasses. This is especially useful for night driving when oncoming headlights can hinder your ability to see the road adequately. Of course, there are other situations where it comes in handy, including any time bright sunlight is present. Ultraviolet protects your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. And with tint or mirrored coating, you can reduce the signs of aging that appear around your eyes. But they’re also stylish and fashionable. Tinted coating is available in different colors. And each color may work to compliment your skin tone, your hair color, or other aspects of your appearance. Mirror coating offers silver, gold, and blue. What a perfect way to make our already fantastic Hillside eyeglasses even more so. It’s not only your frames that contribute to how well your glasses look on you. It’s our pleasure to make every aspect of your experience a positive one, which includes vision correction (of course) and comfort.

Our special coatings create a perfectly unique experience for you with our Hillside eyeglasses. To get started, contact our office and we will schedule a convenient time for you to come in for an eye exam. Call us or use the handy button on our homepage to make your appointment online.

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