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Cataracts in Hillside

Among the most common eye diseases, cataracts is least associated with harm to your eyes, and it does not cause complete blindness. That’s good news, but that does not mean that this condition does not pose significant risks to your vision, because it does. At Maplewood Vision Care, a yearly eye exam includes a screening for cataracts so that it is diagnosed in a timely manner, which will lead to the most effective treatment and management of it.

The most typical symptoms of cataracts are blurry and cloudy vision. But well before you experience them, you may already have the disease. Deposits of protein, or cataracts, begin to form on the outer part of your natural eye lenses. Initially, they may be too small and too few in number to hinder your vision. But being a progressive disease, that will change at some point, requiring our Hillside eye specialist to prescribe a pair of prescription glasses or contacts for you. As a result, you’ll see much better, without the cloudy, blurry vision that cataracts are responsible for. As the cataracts get worse, you can come back in for updates to your prescription. For most patients, this can be the case for many years. But if you reach a saturation point, where our Hillside eye specialist has done as much as possible with corrective lenses, it will be the right time to be evaluated for eye surgery. This safe, and very successful procedure involves the removal of your eye lenses and replacing them with intraocular lens implants (IOLs).

We realize that anything that can rob you of your vision is an alarming proposition. But the sooner that you are diagnosed with cataracts, the more proactive our Hillside eye specialist can be in addressing it. Contact our office right now to arrange an appointment for a screening.

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