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Hillside sports vision care

Keeping your vision healthy and up to date is vital, especially if you are on the move. People of all ages and vision types should have their eyesight checked about once a year, and we can offer you the precise testing and tools you need. With Hillside sports vision care, Seton Hall Athletics can stay up to speed and keep up with the competition with the right exams, eyewear and more.

Hillside sports vision care

Your vision can change at any point in your life, which is why annual eye exams and vision screenings are always recommended regularly. If you already have a vision impairment, then you know that you need prescription glasses or contacts in order to see clearly – but if you happen to be active, then you need something a little more sturdy and a little more secure than your regular pair of frames. Here at Maplewood Vision Care, we offer Hillside sports vision care for Seton Hall athletes. It’s important that you can see well no matter what you’re doing. But with sports, you need to make sure that your glasses stay in place and that they are not likely to break and injure you. Glasses can slip or slide while running or performing, and if they break they can be unusable or harm your face and eyes if the shards or pieces come into contact. Our opticians here at our Maplewood NJ office can perform the necessary vision tests to update your prescription before showing you what eyewear options we have in stock. With ours Monday through Saturday, we do our best to accommodate different schedules and to provide care to the most people possible.

If you are an athlete at Seton Hall, then visit us here at Maplewood Vision Care to see what we can do to protect your eyes and your eyesight during every practice and every game. To schedule an appointment for Hillside sports vision care, just call our office or visit our website.