Hillside emergency eye doctor

Hillside Emergency Eye Doctor

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Eye Infections in Hillside

Eye infections are easily treatable here at Maplewood Vision Care, but it’s crucial that you don’t ignore the signs of one because without prompt attention, you could be putting the health of your eyes at risk. Infections are urgent matters.

In order to make sure that you get in to see our Hillside emergency eye doctor in a timely manner, we want you to know what the symptoms of an eye infection are. The two most common types affect your conjunctiva and your corneas respectively. They are conjunctivitis (popularly called pink eye), and keratitis. Do you have blurry vision, unusual sensitivity to light, redness, burning, or itchiness in one or both eyes? Discharge is also a common sign of an eye infection. The color might be yellow, green, or white, but in any such instance you need the immediate care of our Hillside emergency eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment. The symptoms of eye infection are unpleasant, and you will achieve relief from them. Equally important, you can head off potential damage to your eyes. In order to address the problem properly, it is necessary to determine if the root cause is viral or bacterial in nature. It’s possible, though, that neither is responsible. Sometimes, an allergen or irritant (like dust or pollen) might be the reason. The most applicable treatment will be identified and implemented. Among the possible options are antibiotic eye drops or pills (for bacterial infections), and antihistamines (for infections resulting from allergens). Viral infections must simply go away on their own, while flushing with water is typical for irritants.

What is of paramount importance is that you do not ignore the situation. You need the care of a specialist. Reach out to our office so that we can schedule a visit for you to be treated by our Hillside emergency eye doctor.

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