Eye Doctor in Hillside NJ

Eye exam in Hillside NJ

Eye doctor in Hillside NJ

Eye doctor in Hillside NJ

Don’t take your eyes or your vision for granted. It’s easy to fall into the trap that because you feel fine, see okay, and have no symptoms to speak of, that you can just put off having an eye exam for another year. Here at Maplewood Vision Care, we want you to know that there are very good reasons for having an annual eye exam.

The most common reason to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in Hillside NJ is to get sharper and clearer vision. If you’re having difficulties seeing up close, far away, in-between, or at all distances, you can easily be helped to more ideal eyesight with a simple prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. This is true even if you have an existing prescription, since an occasional update is necessary to maintain the improved vision that you were experiencing when you first got your corrective lenses. This is because your vision needs are always evolving. But what is not always considered is that your vision might be adequate right now, but could still be better. A yearly vision exam will determine if you’re getting the most out of your eyesight. The second, and equally important reason, to make a yearly visit to our office is so that our eye doctor in Hillside NJ can screen you for common eye diseases. This includes glaucoma and cataracts, which can affect anyone, no matter age or medical history; and it could be applicable to others, such as macular degeneration, if you’re 40 or older; and diabetic retinopathy, if you have type one or type two diabetes. These eye diseases don’t have any obvious symptoms in their early stages. It’s essential to catch them before they can progress and cause vision loss or eye damage.

Our eye doctor in Hillside NJ will ensure that you’re seeing your very best, and either assure you that you have no eye disease, or treat a diagnosed one in a timely manner so that you can avoid its worst consequences. Book yours with our office right now.

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