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Emergency Eye Care in Maplewood

Eye Associates in Maplewood
Eye Associates in Maplewood

Emergency eye care is appropriate any time that you have an injury, pain, or any symptom related to your eyes that has caused you to be alarmed. At Maplewood Vision Care, we take your concerns seriously and we recommend that you waste not a single second in contacting us when an emergency arises.

While you are the ultimate authority when it comes to determining what an eye emergency is, you can count on us for expert support and guidance. Feel free to call before coming over. There are some instances where you will be better off calling 911 or going directly to a hospital ER. But the good news is that in many cases, our eye associates in Maplewood can handle the problem and offer effective treatments for it. Some examples of what might motivate you to seek out our help are sudden vision loss, floaters (which are spots that appear in your field of vision), discharge of any color from your eyes, red eyes, an apparent case of eye inflammation or infection, corneal ulcers, a lump inside your eyelid, complications that result from an eye disease that you have, or a foreign object that is stuck in your eyes. It is highly recommended that you do not delay having your eyes checked. Indications such as the ones above can result in permanent damage or vision loss, so don’t take unnecessary chances. That’s what our eye associates in Maplewood are here for. We have an office filled with state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics and for addressing the problems that they detect.

It’s a good idea not only to call our eye associates in Maplewood when you have an eye-related emergency, but to have our number programmed in your phones. Remember that we’re available for you and will make sure you are given a priority to be examined when you arrive.

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