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07040 Emergency Eye Doctor

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Eye Infections in 07040

07040 emergency eye doctor
07040 emergency eye doctor

Eye infections should not be ignored, as they require expert care and treatment. Here at Maplewood Vision Care, you can depend on our 07040 emergency eye doctor to be your specialist when it comes to the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of eye infections.

Conjunctivitis, also called “pink eye,” begins with inflammation but can easily result in an infection. It is contagious, easily transmitted from one person to another. Some of the more common symptoms that are associated with conjunctivitis are eye redness, itching or burning in the eye, unusual sensitivity to light, blurred vision, excessive production of tears, and either yellow, green or white discharge, for which you should consider the matter particularly urgent for being examined by our 07040 emergency eye doctor. Conjunctivitis can be either bacterial or viral in nature, or it can be the result of an allergy or an irritant; and it is essential to determine which in order to identify the type of treatment that is required. The same is true of another eye infection, keratitis. Instead of your conjunctiva, however, your cornea is the part of your eye that becomes infected. Keratitis is often results from wearing contact lenses. And just as with the causes, so too are the symptoms of keratitis similar to the ones you would experience with conjunctivitis. Any type of eye infection needs to be addressed in a timely fashion, so when you notice any of the signs listed above, our 07040 emergency eye doctor has the skills and experience to handle the matter. There is no reason to put the well-being of your eyes or your vision at risk. Treatments for eye infections are effective, safe, and fast.

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